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What I mean by sustainable

Sustainable means sustainable for all of us. If your site isn't generating a return on investment for you then it's not sustainable. The same goes for Webalite: if we're not running profitably then we can't support your site and your business.

Sustainable for all of us

Webalite supports the local community - every tenth website we build is donated to a charity or community organisation - and we work with that group to help them become more sustainable.

Sustainable for the planet

As at April 2015 our server infrastructure is only 25% renewable energy so we're seeking ways to offset our energy use and carbon consumption.

In 2017 we joined the Sustainable Business Network which is helping us become more sustainable. We're looking forward to learning more about how we can act, contribute and lead. If you'd like to discuss what we're doing and/or what you can do too then please contact me directly.

Thank you
Mike Eastwood
+64 21 651 724

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