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For years we’ve hosted websites and maintained sites on our servers and other servers. But, after countless calls to hosting companies on clients’ behalf, massive toll bills for staying on hold for hours, “not our fault” replies, “my father has a server – it can be hosted there”, being passed from service provider to service provider – everyone handing on the blame.

We decided enough is enough.

If you want your site to go up, stay up, and be sorted as soon as there’s an issue, you want a Webalite Supported Site.

A Webalite Supported Site uses the best of all the technologies and vendors we’ve come across over the years. This way we can sleep soundly know your site is up, stable and if there is a problem we’ll know before you so we can find out what's happening and fix it, fast.

Why we don't just offer website hosting

Your geeks may be smarter than our geeks, their code may be brilliant. But, with all due respect, we only host sites that we have verified and audited to make sure they are safe, secure, and speedy.

We'll then monitor the site, the code and the hosting environment so we know everything is running smoothly.

Website Hosting Checklist  Your website, during and after development, will need to be hosted on a web  server. Find out what the common mistakes are and more importantly how to avoid  them. Download Now

Webalite Supported Site

Support – a real conversation with a real person who knows what they are doing. When you call, or email, your problem is solved as quickly and efficiently as possible by one person.

Simple – our systems are designed to remove the complexity. If you don’t understand we’ll help you get your head around it – or offer a simpler solution.

Stable – over the last decade we’ve tried numerous service providers around the globe, and we’ve narrowed things down to one reliable system so you don’t have to worry.

Secure – your site is protected, monitored and maintained to ensure the highest security standards possible.

SPAM-proof – your site is protected, monitored and maintained to prevent SPAM on your site or inbox.

Speed – our sites are built for speed using software and server technology. Once your site is running smoothly we will then optimise it again to make it even faster.

Service – when you call or email you deal with a real person, in New Zealand. 

Book a time to talk to Mike about your organisation's needs.

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