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Posted by Mike Eastwood on 6 August 2016

Mike Eastwood

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression"... website design is the second most important factor. I say second because if your website is too slow to load you wont even get the chance to make a first impression – people wont wait.

Working with you – our Design Process

First we need to see if there's a good fit. Book a Strategy Session with Mike to see if we can help you with your project.

Once we know we want to work together then we can start with our onboarding process. The onboarding process helps us both to discover and clarify the requirements for your design and any other parts of the process. The onboarding process involves:


Our affectionate name for a questionnaire to find out about your project, your website and your business.

Market Analysis

We review your site and benchmark it against your market and analyse competitors (both direct and indirect), we can include any inspirational websites and it's great to include any market leaders.

Marketing Personas

We're not designing the website for you we are designing it for your customers, your target market. The way we identify your target market is to create Marketing Personas so our team knows who we're communicating with.

Goal Setting

What are the outcomes of your redesign or new design? We both need to know how we're going to be successful.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If you are redesigning your website then SEO is extremely important. We can investigate to see how we can transform your old site into a new site with minimal impact to your search rankings.

Website Design Concepts

Once we've got all the information from you we start – old school – with pen and paper, brainstorming and sketching. Once we have concepts we develop them, still on paper, into workable designs.

For interactive projects we create clickable mockups so we can explore business processes without design. We only apply the visual design once we have resolved the processes.

Website designs are presented as PhotoShop mockups so we can quickly explore design options without being bogged down coding.

Depending on which design package you choose we'll either develop a final concept, or move into building the design using HTML, CSS and any other technology that will help us achieve the best result.


Website Design for Sevens Interactive Game Website Design for Sevens Interactive Game


What you need to look for when hiring a web designer?

Website design is an expert skill. To make sure you find someone who is up to the task download the checklist below so you know what questions to ask when you are interviewing web designers or web design companies.

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Website Design Checklist  Your designer might be a talented artist who creates exquisite work but you  need to ensure the design and technical issues have been considered for your  website. Find out here what the common mistakes are and more importantly how to  avoid them. Download Now