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Since 2008 Webalite has been designing and developing websites. Everything from small business sites, to online trading systems and complete online business systems.

We'd regularly help our clients with their online marketing strategies, content and more. The website would be delivered and we'd show clients how to use the Content Management System (CMS) and then go on to the next project. Some clients would update their websites (for a while) others wouldn't get around to it, ever.

Then, as my friend (and client) Will says, I had a B.F.O. (Blinding Flash of the Obvious).

Nobody really wants a website!

It was so obvious.

Nobody really wanted a website – they wanted more traffic to their website, more leads, more clients and more authority in their market.

That's when we changed to a Digital Marketing agency. Now Websites are a bi-product of what we do – you still need a website but it's part of a much bigger picture.

Now we geek out helping growing businesses grow sustainably.

We geek out helping growing businesses grow sustainably.

The Webalite team

Webalite has a number of professionals that are called in for specific projects including: technical writing, photography, video, branding, graphic design, WordPress Plugins, public relations (PR) projects and (even) traditional print production.

Because your project is different to everyone else's we assemble the right team for the job at the right time – that way you get the experts you need for your project.

You can find us, every Friday, at Majestic Cuisine sharing Yum Cha.

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Webalite is a WP Engine Agency

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As a WP Engine Agency Partner we can offer you 3 months free on annual Startup, Growth, and Scale plans.

Mike Eastwood is a HubSpot Community Champion

Mike Eastwood from Webalite is a HubSpot Community ChampionMike Eastwood is one of the top contributors in the HubSpot Community Forum.


Mike Eastwood – Marketing Geek, Founder

A background in product design, graphic design, branding and business have given me a huge advantage working with clients on websites. From New Zealand we have worked with clients in Europe, America, Australia and locally on a vast range of projects.

"Mike is a unique guy to work with ... part geek, part visionary. He can listen and interpret ideas, can lead a conversation as well as follow. He’s able to be creative, as well as add to creativity that’s already present. He has an extremely broad range of skills from graphics to programming to design to anything web. I have not found this blend of skills in combination with an ability to collaborate and add to a team. If you’re doing anything geeky, then Mike is your go-to guy."

Will Fulton Trusted Advisor Network

I designed my first website in 1994 for Arts Marketing Board of Aotearoa (AMBA) and I have specialised in web design and development since 2006.

As a passionate foodie you may have met me at the dinner table. I’m well known for my Tuesday Night Dinners which have been consumed in Wellington – and around the world – every Tuesday since 1999.

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