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HubSpot Wingman (AKA HubSpot Geek) for ongoing HubSpot Support

Do you need a HubSpot expert to help you and your team to get the most out of your HubSpot investment?

As you know HubSpot is a powerful Customer Platform (with lots of moving parts) and sometimes it feels like the more you learn, the more complex it can get.

We understand the complexity.

Mike Eastwood – HubSpot Geek – Profile screenshot from the HubSpot Community
Mike Eastwood – HubSpot Geek – Profile screenshot from the HubSpot Community

HubSpot software was originally designed for inbound marketing (content marketing) and some say marketing automation was complex enough. With addition of HubSpot Sales Hub, Service Hub, Content Hub, Ops Hub and Commerce Hub, all connected to the HubSpot's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) things got more complicated, a lot more complicated.

In 2023 HubSpot made over 400 product releases or updates – so how do you stay on top of everything and get your job done?

As a Certified Gold HubSpot Solutions Partner we can help you and your team get more out of the HubSpot platform without having to hire more employees, or trying to find HubSpot freelancers online.

Yes, it's fair to say Mike Eastwood – HubSpot expert and founder of Webalite – drank the Orange Kool Aid. He's been using HubSpot since 2016. Webalite is a small business and we invested in HubSpot to help us grow and implement inbound marketing – a style of digital marketing suits us.

Mike is amazing and is always there with great ideas to hep enhance my business using HubSpot. No question is a silly question and has freed me up to my job whilst HubSpot sits in the background working away.
– Katie Baker, Wellington, New Zealand.

Mike Eastwood – HubSpot Expert

Mike's education in design, interest in technology and three decades experience in business give a unique perspective to Mike's approach to HubSpot. As well as mastering HubSpot for websites, marketing, sales and support Mike has developed apps, integrations and website themes for HubSpot.

Mike has gained over a dozen HubSpot certifications over since 2017 in all aspects of HubSpot from inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing, sales software, customer engagement, web design and the HubSpot Content Management System (CMS).

HubSpot Community Champion since 2019

Community Champion BadgeMike has been helping people in the HubSpot Community since 2017. In 2019 Mike's HubSpot expertise was recognized as a Community Champion as is consistently in the Top Ten of the All Time Solutions Leaderboard.

You'll also catch Mike on HubSpot Webinars and other Community Events.

Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner since 2016

gold-badge-colorWebalite is a Certified HubSpot Partner Agency providing HubSpot services since 2016. We exceed the requirements to achieve Gold Partner status in 2020. The tier is based on a combination of HubSpot Sales and HubSpot Support (we exceed Platinum for Supporting HubSpot customers).

As a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner we are authorized to run HubSpot Onboarding and implementation for new HubSpot customers and HubSpot Training for existing HubSpot customers.

It's worth noting that the HubSpot Solution Partner Program has changed to a "pay to play" model, since Webalite joined, so it's worth checking reviews on the HubSpot Marketplace before you select a HubSpot Partner.

Certified HubSpot App Provider

Webalite is a certified HubSpot App PartnerIn 2022 Webalite was accepted into the HubSpot App Accelerator for Portal-iQ which is the world's first automated HubSpot Audit. The apps developed by Webalite have exceeded the standards required to be a Certified App Provider and Portal-iQ is a certified HubSpot App.

Mike's HubSpot expertise is demonstrated in Portal-iQ's report with over 86 benchmarks (in a 106 page report) to help you optimize your HubSpot setup, processes and systems.

INBOUND Correspondent 2023

INBOUND Correspondent Mike EastwoodAt HubSpot's INBOUND event, in Boston, Mike was invited as an INBOUND Correspondent to share the event, knowledge and make connections with other HubSpot Partners, Community Members, HubSpot consultants and HubSpot freelancers from around the world.


HubSpot Wingman Packages

Over the years we've help hundreds of people with HubSpot. The Wingman Packages are designed to help you, and your team, get the most out of HubSpot without the cost of hiring another person just to manage HubSpot.

Here's what we can include in your plan:

  • Recurring meetings (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) to keep up momentum and GSD (get stuff done)

  • HubSpot Support between meetings for when you need help with HubSpot (or anything else)

  • HubSpot training in real-time so you learn what you need to know, when you need to know it

  • Questions answered and geeky stuff explain, simply without [much] jargon

  • HubSpot coaching on strategy, marketing automation and HubSpot tools

  • Tips, tricks and techniques to use HubSpot software faster, with less effort

  • Review HubSpot Dashboards to ensure your marketing efforts are generating results

  • Planning future events, content marketing and other marketing campaigns

  • One on one guidance (or one to many) over Zoom, Teams or Google Meet

  • Updates on new HubSpot features and changes to keep on top of HubSpot Platform changes

  • Website monitoring to know if your website ever goes down so we can take action quickly.

What's not included:

  • creating inbound marketing campaigns (although we're happy to put together a team to implement your digital marketing)

  • marketing automation (we can scope and quote marketing automation projects, even teach you how to build HubSpot Workflows)

  • web development (we're happy to scope and quote your project)

  • HubSpot setup (check out HubSpot Onboarding service)

  • HubSpot Migrations (a website migration to the HubSpot CMS or HubSpot CRM Migration is significant project, we're happy to discuss your project scope).

What we need from you

Your business should be a business where inbound marketing, or content marketing, is a good fit for HubSpot and Webalite. Typically you sell a product or service that is higher in price with a longer sales cycle.

What we'll need to work with you:

  • a regular meeting (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) of 30 – 60 minutes, plus time to do your homework
  • an invitation to login into your HubSpot Portal as a HubSpot Solutions Partner (there's a special login type – we'll email you a link to make it happen)
  • access to your Google Search Console (if you don't have one we can set it up for you)
  • a copy of your marketing strategy, marketing personas and customer journey map (if you don't have a everything, or would like a fresh start, check out the Webalite Signature Programme)

  • you will need to manage your customer data, we're happy to give you expert guidance and best practices

  • we'll need to map your tech stack – we have a workshop to map your systems and software.

If you have specific business needs please contact Mike to discuss your business goals.


The Wingman Packages give you access to someone who is part HubSpot consultant, part marketing coach, part technical consultant and 100% HubSpot expert.

With help you can use HubSpot to implement everything your business needs for business growth: from inbound marketing to marketing automation, from sales enablement to reporting, from customer service to customer satisfaction surveys. All connected via the HubSpot CRM.

You need to get an ROI (Return on Investment) from your HubSpot investment and you can get an ROI faster with ongoing support from Mike Eastwood, a recognized HubSpot expert.

Next Steps

You can choose from three different plans to suit your budget and timeframe.

And, you can change plans at any time. 

HubSpot Wingman Plans


For small teams that want to grow with HubSpot.

  • Recorded Monthly Meetings
  • Expert HubSpot Support
  • Real World HubSpot Training
  • HubSpot Questions Answered
  • Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  • Review HubSpot Dashboards
  • HubSpot Campaign Planning
  • HubSpot Changes & Updates
  • Website Monitoring

$630USD / month


For larger teams that want to scale with HubSpot.

  • Recorded Fortnightly Meetings
  • Expert HubSpot Support
  • Real World HubSpot Training
  • HubSpot Questions Answered
  • Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  • Review HubSpot Dashboards
  • HubSpot Campaign Planning
  • HubSpot Changes & Updates
  • Website Monitoring

$1,050USD / month


For motivated teams that want to accelerate growth with HubSpot.

  • Recorded Weekly Meetings
  • Expert HubSpot Support
  • Real World HubSpot Training
  • HubSpot Questions Answered
  • Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  • Review HubSpot Dashboards
  • HubSpot Campaign Planning
  • HubSpot Changes & Updates
  • Website Monitoring

$1,680USD / month

Mike has been immeasurably invaluable to our business and an absolute pleasure to work with. I had come from a completely different industry and needed very basic training in all aspects of the HubSpot platform. Over the last 3 years, through Mike's patient guidance and tuition, I am now familiar and competent navigating every feature required to make our work lives easier. His knowledge and professionalism is outstanding and I highly recommend his services. 
Duncan McDonald, Sydney, Australia.

HubSpot Wingman FAQs

How long do we need to commit?

While we offer a minimum quantity of one, we see the best results for business growth if you commit to improvement over the medium term (more than six months).

How long until we see business growth?

Your sales process, marketing strategy, and implementation of the strategy, will determine the speed of results. For example content marketing, and nurturing leads with marketing automation and email marketing, is a long term strategy that takes time. Driving lead generation on landing pages with advertising, with your sales team following is faster, but more expensive. And, if you stop paying for advertising your lead generation slows down, or stops.

How do we change, or cancel, our plan?

Simply contact Mike Eastwood and let him know what how you want to change.

Can't we just hire a HubSpot freelancer or HubSpot consultant?

Yes, and if you do we're happy to coach them.

We find many of the HubSpot freelancers, and some of the HubSpot consultants, may know the HubSpot software well but may not understand your business needs, nor technical requirements.

Do you guarantee results?

No, as HubSpot specialists, we cannot guarantee results.

But in my experience if we take action, and continually improve, the results will be in our favour. Ultimately the goal is business growth with less effort.

We inherited a mess, can you fix it?

We often meet people who hired a HubSpot Freelancer, maybe a HubSpot Consultant set things up and moved on, or an employee left and they were the HubSpot specialists in the organisation.

We're happy to help. We typically we recommend starting with a HubSpot Audit and from there we can review and prioritze what needs fixing.

What other HubSpot services does Webalite offer?

Over the years we've specialized in the technical implementation of HubSpot and the related HubSpot services. We have a network of experts – and can assemble a team – to help you with any aspect of your digital marketing, content creation, websites design or web development.

Do you have a question?

Please complete the form to send Mike a question.

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