Website? Yes, you need a website.

Posted by Mike Eastwood on 9 October 2016

Mike Eastwood

Hang on! A minute ago I said "nobody really wants a website – what you really want is more traffic, more leads and more clients." and now I'm telling you that you need a website – what do I mean?

There are lots of different ways you can market online: you can build your brand on Social Media, publish on other sites and sell your products in online marketplaces. However, unless you have a website and an email list – that you own – your business, brand and income are at risk.

Facebook generates a huge amount of engagement and makes it easy to communicate with your target market. YouTube allows you to build a fan base that consumes your content. Amazon lets you sell products to people all over the world. Google can share your content with billions of people. One change by any of these online giants and your traffic flow could dry up overnight.

Nobody really wants a website–what they really want is more traffic, more leads and more clients.

By building your content on your site, and converting your visitors into email subscribers, you vastly reduce the risk of your business being impacted by other businesses. Your site becomes a valuable asset for your business, it becomes the hub for engagement with your visitors, leads, and customers.

When you exchange an email address for a piece of high value content (a Lead Magnet) you build another asset - your email list. Email marketing gives the highest Return On Investment (ROI) of any online marketing. And, over time, you reduce the risk of your marketing channels being effected by policy changes of the internet giants. 

Building a website requires investment - any online marketing requires investment. Wouldn't you rather invest in something you own and have control over?

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