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Google Apps for work FAQ

We recommend, and use, Google Apps for Work to send and receive emails, share calendars and contacts, store and share documents and more.

Your business can take advantage of all the systems developed by Gmail, and connect your domain name, for only a few dollars per month per user.

Because we've set up lots of people over the years we've been able to compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a question that's not answered here then please contact us.

Can we use our own domain name with Google Apps?

Yes, you can use your domain name. For example we use and nobody knows (until now) that we use Gmail to manage our email.

Can we use more than one domain name?

Yes, we use and and, if you work in different countries, it's easy to reply from the different domain names.

Can we use more than one email?

Yes, you can have different emails going to the same inbox. For example if you have and you can drop them into the same inbox and reply from that email address, particularly useful if you have more than one brand or product identity.

Can I always reply from my preferred email address?

Yes, if you have more than one email address you can reply from whichever one you want. Gmail will automatically select the email address that the email was sent to. Using the example above if someone sends you email to it will automatically select the Reply To address as unless you choose to reply from

How do we send an email to multiple people?

You can set up a group and that email address can be forwarded to anyone subscribed to that group e.g. if you have it can go as many people in your team as you want.

Do we get charged for the extra addresses?

You only get charged per user. So, if you have 2 email addresses, and belong to two groups you only get charged for a single user - you.

Can we still use Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, the Gmail system works well with Outlook and/or in the browser.

Can we still use Apple Mail?

Yes, the Gmail system plays well with Apple Mail and/or in the browser.

Can we get an app on our iPhone?

Yes, there's the Gmail app, Microsoft Outlook app and the native email app. I recommend the Microsoft Outlook app it's better - in my opinion - than the Gmail or Apple apps.

Can we get an app on our Android Device?

Yes, you can use the native app or Microsoft Outlook, or any one of the others (although I'd stick to the native Gmail app or Outlook).

What browser do you recommend?

I recommend - for all browsing - Google Chrome, especially for Gmail - it has inbuilt technology specifically for Gmail.

We heard you can get a Google Apps voucher code... can we have one?

Sure, just get in touch...

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