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Content Marketing is like owning your own home

I attended the 'Grow with HubSpot' event in Auckland recently. It was great for us, as we go through the HubSpot Agency Partner Certification, to see how clear and simply the Inbound Marketing (Content Marketing) really works at all levels of a successful business.

Grow With HubSpot - Auckland 2016 'Grow with HubSpot' event, Auckland, July 2016

Content Marketing vs. Paid Traffic or Owning vs. Renting your home

The big takeaway for me was, to paraphrase Ryan Bonnici, was that building content was the same as owning your own house.

Inbound Marketing (Content Marketing) takes longer, requires more effort but, eventually you own the asset. Organic traffic will come, free.

Conversely using Paid Traffic e.g. Google Adwords is like renting. Yeah, you can live somewhere that you couldn't afford to buy but you never end up with an asset. You're at the mercy of the landlords and if you can't afford the rent you have to move out and you end up with nothing.

Clearly both have value, but in the long term I'd much rather own than rent... wouldn't you?


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