What the Facebook changes mean for your Business Page

Posted by Mike Eastwood on 1 July 2016

Mike Eastwood

Today it was announced Facebook will reduce the number of Posts from Business Pages in favour of Posts from friends and family. Here's how you can get your Posts seen by more people without spending money.

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Facebook is so crowded their algorithms limit the exposure of your Post (personal or business) until it gets engagement. Because of the sheer volume of posts (especially cat pictures) your Facebook 'wall' would be flooded if they put every Post from every friend and every Page you liked; so what Facebook does is show your Post to more people the more it's engaged with - engagement being an interaction e.g. Comment, Like or a Share.

Your Post will still show up on peoples' wall if they share it.

FIt's important for you to Share the Post, Like the Post, Like Comments, Reply to Comments and ask your team (and us) to do the same. The algorithm calculates this 'Social Proof' and shows your Post to more people. With the new changes this tactic is even more important for your Business Page.

But I can boost a Post can't I?

Yes, Facebook is one of the only Social Media sites that make you pay for publishing (conversely YouTube pays the publisher). So yes, you can pay to 'boost' your Post but only do this if your Post is getting natural engagement. Natural engagement is showing that your content is useful, enjoyable, fun, etc. and boosting it will spread it further. However, if your post isn't getting any traction before the boost it's unlikely you'll get the full effect of the 'boost'.


Because of the sheer volume of Posts you, and your network, need to engage (like, share, comment) with your Post to get exposure. This will be more important in the future.

Read more about the changes on Forbes: New Algorithm Change Is A Blessing In Disguise

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