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Stuck in a lift

Luckily, for the other people in the building, we work on the 6th floor.

The other people in the lift gave us strange looks because we were talking so excitedly about an online marketing strategy. (Yes, we need to get out more – in our defence we were going out).

Online Marketing, Social Media or Websites may not rock your world – we're fine with that.

However, we really enjoy helping people leverage the internet for their business.

Do you know how a combustion engine works?

Whenever anyone feels embarrassed because they don't know how the internet works I ask "Do you know how a combustion engine works?".

Most people have a vague concept of how it works, but really... who cares?

If you can get in your car an drive to the beach then the car has fulfilled it's function. Ok, you need to know where to put the petrol in, even how to drive (it won't be long before we don't need to drive or put in petrol).

So, why not let us help you with your online marketing, social media and website so you can spend more time making that drive to the beach. We're always happy to explain how stuff works if you're interested.

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