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Italy lead the global design revolution because they had dozens of competing manufacturers. At first the factories would compete on price - they soon discovered that was a race to bankruptcy. Then quality became the competitive motivation - whoever could deliver the best quality at the best price won. It didn't take long for the playing field to level again. Service soon equaled out as businesses competed for clients. 

Design became the new differentiator. Every company hired Industrial and Graphic Designers to differentiate their product from their competitor. Soon the competition was so fierce, between local manufacturers, they led the world in product design.

You can also use design to help differentiate your business against your competitors. You will still need to work on Price, Quality and Service – design is the extra, intangible quality that can give you the edge.

We start with a sketch – how retro!

Webalite website sketch



We can design your website for you, or work with your designer.

Mike’s background in design means we can implement your website from the ground up. We can use your style manual to make your site fit with your other collateral, or work with your designer (yes, we play well with others).

By refining the design before coding we can resolve the overall style, user interface and navigation structure, which saves development time. For more complex sites this is combined with a wire-frame mockup to illustrate the website structure and flow.

Your website design is often your first impression, you don’t get a second chance.

HubSpot Design Certified

Mike Eastwood is certified by HubSpot to design and devlop in the HubSpot COS.

Webalite Design Portfolio