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Webalite Signature Programme

Attract more visitors to your website, convert them into customers and deliver an exceptional customer experience with our Signature Programme.

Over seven sessions we’ll work with you and your team to review your digital strategy, systems, sales and marketing. We’ll analyse your website, your competitors and present the findings back to you. We’ll run workshops to identify your target customers and their journey to becoming a customer and beyond. Also, we’ll implement technology to measure the traffic on your website, and follow your leads through your sales process.

  • Kick-start

    In our first meeting we’ll set SMART Goals, connect with your systems and set up the programme with you and your team.

  • Market Analysis

    Get insights into your competitors, indirect competitors and market leaders. We will discuss the Market Analysis to see how we need to position you in the market.

  • Website Audit

    There's no point in pouring more traffic into a leaky website. We’ll audit your website and if we find any leaks we will create a prioritised actionable list of tasks and recommendations.

  • Digital Strategy

    This presentation will explore the digital strategies and systems you can leverage to grow your business based on what we’ve learnt so far.

  • Personas Workshop

    We'll run a workshop to help you define your ideal target customers and create detailed descriptions so everyone on your team knows how to connect with them.

  • Buyers Journey

    Next, we'll take some of your Personas and workshop their journey through to becoming a customer and beyond.

  • Campaign Workshop

    Now we'll apply everything we've learned to create a campaign plan, for the next 90 days, to attract and convert new customers.

  • Next Steps

    If you need help we’ve got a range of plans and programmes to help you implement any task or projects from the programme.

You’ll gain insights into your entire system from sales, to marketing and support. Easy to understand reports will help you align your digital strategy and find any issues with your current tech. And, you will have a 90 day campaign ready to implement, applying everything you learnt during the programme.

Who is this for?

If you and your team are interested in growing your organisation sustainably you’ll want to start with a digital strategy, streamline systems, sell smarter and scale with marketing.

We encourage you to invite anyone in your organisation who can contribute during the workshops or learn from the educational sessions.

What you’ll receive

Sessions - including an initial meeting, presentations and workshops to help you and your team improve your strategy, systems, sales and marketing.

Market Analysis – a report showing your competitors with website benchmarks

Website Audit – a detailed report showing the technical analysis of your website with an actionable list of tasks to fix any issues.

Personas – a set of personas and worksheets to help you create any new personas

Buyer's' Journey Map - a Buyer's Journey for some of your personas and templates for you to complete the Buyer’s Journey for your other Personas.

90 Day Campaign - a 90 Day Campaign Canvas mapping the campaign, goals, targets and content required to implement the campaign

Recorded Sessions - a recording of all the sessions on Zoom

Mural Whiteboard - exports of the interactive whiteboard used to the map the buyers' journey and personas.

HubSpot Free Trial – we can implement a free trial of HubSpot to help you analyse and report on your website.


We’ve already created Personas, do we need to do the Personas Workshop?

  • If you have detailed personas that have been recently reviewed we can run an Advanced Personas Workshop.

What’s required from us?

  • Firstly, well need access to your Google Analytics, your CRM (if you have one) and maybe your website too.

  • We’ll give you homework in the first few sessions.

  • Each session will be one hour long with the final session – the Campaign Workshop – taking up to two hours.

Can we speed up the programme?

  • Yes, we can run the programme over two days, in person (not ideal for Zoom). Typically we run one session per week over 2 months, but we can work to a shorter time frame.

Is the programme done online or in person?

  • we can run the sessions over Zoom or in person.

Can we use Microsoft Teams instead of Zoom?

  • we recommend Zoom and it’s easier for you to participate using Zoom, but if you can only use Microsoft Teams then we’ll use it too.

What’s not included?

  • Website fixes, technical setup and content changes

  • Travel time and accommodation (if you prefer to run the session in person)

  • HubSpot costs including subscriptions and onboarding (some of the sessions can be cross credited to our HubSpot Onboarding Programme).

Can you help us with implementation?

  • Yes, we have a range of products, programmes and plans to help you and your team implement. The investment will depend on the skills you have in-house, your timeframe and budget.

Does everyone need to come to every session?

  • No, only invite the relevant people to the session. The sessions will be recorded if anyone misses out.

How do we get started?

  • Complete the form below and Mike will book a time to meet with you to set up the first meeting.


The investment for the Webalite Signature Programme is $3,510 NZD (plus GST if you are based in New Zealand). A 50% deposit is required to begin the programme with the balance due on completion.


  • any travel and accommodation costs if you would like us to run the programme onsite

  • any HubSpot costs if you choose to use HubSpot

  • any fixes or improvements on your website that you’d like us to do for you

  • implementation of the 90 Day Campaign, or any other projects.

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