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What is Marketing Automation

Using marketing software we can set up workflows to perform, watch, measure, trigger processes to save you and your team time. Using automations and workflows frees up your team from the mundane repetitive tasks and lets them focus on the high leverage personal interactions. 

Marketing Automation can include:

  • Sales processes e.g. lead qualifying
  • Onboarding processes
  • Digital content delivery e.g. an online course
  • Follow up sequences.

We've found than using Marketing Automation improves our efficiency following our Sales Process because the simple tasks are performed automatically and the tasks that require a personal touch are triggered with reminders.

How Automation works for you

Without getting too geeky – you program a Workflow, like a flow chart, with manual and automated interactions. A manual interaction could be a task for a sales call. An automated interaction could be an email sent 2 days after the sales call. By joining together these interactions, creating delays and follow ups, the Workflow can evolve into a complex process covering the normal events and the exceptional events. At any stage you can set a manual intervention, under certain conditions, so that a person can review and decide to resume or stop an automation.


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