This programme is designed to look at the “why?” not just the “what?” and “how?”.

Recent events have accelerated Kiwi businesses adoption of technology. Whether we’ve been forced to work from home, or change from a “bricks and mortar” business into an online business, the impact has been huge for many businesses. While the technology shift is significant the cultural impact can be more stressful.

A survey from accounting firm KPMG showed 80% of business leaders had accelerated their digital expansion plans during the lockdown as they adjusted to staff working remotely and dealing with customers online.

Your team will learn more, and engage more, if they understand how technology and systems can free up their time so they can focus on the more human aspects of business. For example, learning about the “customer journey” helps put into perspective the benefits of a CRM, understanding your sales process and make email marketing more targeted.

More than software training

Yes, the right software is important, but improving your business process is the ultimate goal.

We can recommend other tools – and help you integrate them with HubSpot – so you and your team to leverage technology in your business. This is also an opportunity to review your current processes and systems to make sure you’re using best practices in your business.

"Mike customised the HubSpot Onboarding Programme for our team, to help us get up to speed with HubSpot."
–Creative HQ, Wellington New Zealand

These sessions are designed to help business owners, marketing and sales professionals and leaders understand how best to optimise technology to bring in more leads, convert those leads into customers and deliver a great experience so your customers refer more customers.

Some sessions will benefit the whole team, others sessions will be ideal for the specialists working in that area e.g. Marketing Team. Sessions for the wider team are marked with an asterisk*.

We can choose the relevant sessions from:

  1. Introductions and systems* – after the introduction we’ll set the goals for the following sessions and discuss existing systems vs. potential new systems.

  2. Personas* – we’ll workshop the organisations persons, or avatars, so the team can create a series of ideal customers.

  3. Buyer’s Journey* – once we know the personas we’ll map the customers journey and how we can manage – or exceed – the customers expectations.

  4. Pipeline Setup – apply the buyer's journey to your HubSpot Deal Pipeline and Support Pipeline to ensure you look after all your leads and customers.

  5. CRM Customisation – set up Custom Properties in HubSpot and display them to your team in the right place at the right time.

  6. Content Creation & SEO – what’s the right content for our website and other collateral and how do we optimise our content so people can find it.

  7. Conversion Rate Optimisation – once we attract a visitor to our website how do we convert them into a lead. Then, how do we convert a lead into a customer.

  8. Email Marketing – email marketing has the highest Return On Investment (ROI) of any form of marketing.

  9. Automation – where can we automate processes and communication so we can free up your team to focus on the proactive tasks that can't be automated.

  10. Social Media – learn how to leverage social media for your business.

  11. Advertising – speed up marketing with paid advertising.

  12. Account Based Marketing (ABM) – learn how to leverage HubSpot's ABM tools for B2B sales.
  13. Onboarding Customers – create an exceptional customer journey to delight your customers.

  14. Support and Service – use surveys and other tools to improve your processes by learning from your customers.

  15. Reporting and KPIs – keep your team accountable and on the same page with reporting and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

  16. Systems and Integrations – harness technology to connect your different business systems to save time and money.

  17. Custom Session(s) – often we find, during the sessions, that businesses have specific areas they want to learn more about. We can add a Custom Session to review these areas and help fit them into the big picture.

+ Bonus Session* – an introductory session for the whole team to share the big picture and answer any questions.

+ Pre-programme planning session – we’ll meet before the first session to plan out the programme, arrange dates and choose the relevant sessions.

Online Programme

Typically, the Custom HubSpot Onboarding Programme runs from 6-12 weeks, with one session each week. Each session will be 60 to 90 minutes – on Zoom or in person – with additional homework assigned to you and us. Each participant should have their own computer for video conferencing and collaboration.

HubSpot Onboarding

HubSpot’s standard onboarding costs $3,000 USD and is required when purchasing HubSpot Marketing Pro. However, because Webalite is a HubSpot Certified Partner you are not required to buy the HubSpot Onboarding from HubSpot. And our Custom HubSpot Onboarding Programme is designed for your team and it’s fully customised for your business.

About Webalite

Webalite is a Certified HubSpot Agency PartnerWebalite is a Gold Tier HubSpot Partner Agency based in Wellington, New Zealand. We've been working with HubSpot users in New Zealand, Australia and the USA since 2015.

Mike Eastwood is a Community Champion BadgeMike Eastwood is also recognised as a Community Champion in the HubSpot Community for helping hundreds of HubSpotters around the world.



The investment for the HubSpot Onboarding Programme starts at $3,660 NZD (plus GST if you are based in New Zealand).

Next Steps

Before we begin you’ll be required to complete a questionnaire so we can understand your current tools and learn more about your goals so we can customise the programme for your business.

Please complete the form below to request the questionnaire then Mike Eastwood will be in touch with you to arrange a time to meet.

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