Sound Familiar?

Before we start do any of these apply to you and your business?

  1. you’re constantly having to delete email because your inbox is full
  2. you’re using a Hotmail, Xtra, Yahoo or other unprofessional email address
  3. you’re bombarded with spam
  4. you’re using an antique email system like Horde or Squirrel
  5. you’re missing appointments because your calendars aren’t synched
  6. you’re spending too much maintaining an internal email server

If you answered yes to any of these then Google Apps for Work can make your life easier.

Google Apps for Work are a great way for your team to work together while reducing your IT costs.

Google Apps for Work

Your team can use the full suite of tools including:

  • Email – online in your browser and/or your favourite email app e.g. Outlook
  • Calendar – synchronise your calendar with your phone, invite people to meetings via email
  • Google Drive – share and sync your files and folders with your team and between computers
  • Hangouts – chat to your team with or without video
  • Google Docs – work collaboratively online:
    • Docs – real-time word processing
    • Sheets – simple spreadsheets
    • Slide – for presentations
    • Forms – to create surveys
    • Sites – create your own sites for projects

We’ve been using Google Apps for Work since 2008, most of our clients now use it too.

Google Apps for Work Special Offer

To make it easy for you to change to Google Apps for work, we’ve got a special offer to help you out:

  • Fixed price setup ($299 setup fee and the $49 per user)
  • 20% discount for the first year
  • 30 free trial – if you don’t like it we won’t charge you the setup fee.

Once you’ve completed the trial you get billed, by Google, $5 USD per month, per active user.

Please note while we can help with migrating your old emails it’s not included in the special offer.

We can help your company set up your domain names and all your users to get you up and running as soon as possible. If your using an existing email then we can help with the transition.

To take up this special offer please fill in the form below:

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