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Getting to know you

Our process helps us both to discover – and clarify – the requirements for your project and any other pieces of the puzzle you need.

Just to warn you this is a thorough process and takes some time. The process involves:

  • The Webalite "Interrogation"
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Personas
  • Goal Setting

All these steps are explained in more detail on the next page (after you've watched the video and filled in the form).

Watch the video and fill out the form below to request a free Website Design Strategy Session with Mike Eastwood from Webalite. 

But first...

Before we book the Strategy Session let's have a quick (15 minute) call so I can find out more about you and your business.  Here's a quick video to explain.


Please fill in the form below and, on the next page, you'll get to book a time that works for you. Also, we explain the Webalite Interrogation.

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We keep your information confidential and secure. Any information you share with Webalite is used to help improve our our products or services. For more information please view our Privacy Policy.

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