A quick start guide on how to use Wordpress

Posted by Mike Eastwood on 18 May 2016

Mike Eastwood

WordPress is our recommended Content Management System (CMS) and is suitable for most projects. This series of Posts are designed to help you get the most out of your site.

We love WordPress because it's easy to use and you get up and running quickly. These articles are designed to help you get started without having to read the manual.

Logging into WordPress

Plus a few other important reminders before you log in.

What's the difference between a WordPress "Page" and a "Post"?

Simply put a Page is static content and Posts are current, topical or changeable.

For example your contact details won't change often so that static content will be suited to a Page.

An article on "How to use Yoast SEO" will change over time, with new versions, so it's more suited to a Post.

So, now you you the difference, let's jump in:

A picture is worth a thousand words... unless you're a search engine.

Images are an important part of your content but if don't add them correctly they are inaccessible to visually impaired people and invisible to search engines.

By following a few simple steps you can enhance your website for everyone and improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You've gone to the effort - yes, I know how much effort it takes - to make some great content. Now, with a few more tweaks we can make that content even better by tweaking it for the Search Engines to improve your chances of being discovered.

We recommend, and use on all out sites, a plugin called Yoast SEO, here's a quick start guide for on page SEO.

What's a WordPress Theme?

A Theme, or  'skin', can change the design of your website without changing the content, adjusting the layout, typography and colours of your site.

Learn more about WordPress Themes and Website Design.

What's a WordPress Plugin?

We can add WordPress Plugins to perform additional functionality on your website. If we can't find a reputable Plugin to do what you need to do we can code a Custom Plugin.

Learn more about WordPress Plugins and Website Development.



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