ClickToTweet Pros and Cons

Posted by Mike Eastwood on 15 August 2016

Mike Eastwood

I've used "ClickToTweet" (to Tweet from a website) so often that I installed the "Click To Tweet" plugin on our website. Easy to Tweet. Easy to install.

However, there are some limitations so here's a list to help you decide:


  1. Making it easy to tweet your page means you're more likely to get Tweeted and more tweets means more visits.
  2. You can make images Tweetable.
  3. It's Free for 5 links so you can have a play risk free. Remember if you ever delete the link, or your account, you will have a broken link in your Tweet.
  4. It's cheap at under $5USD per month.
  5. Easy to install in WordPress with their WordPress plugin.


  1. You can make images Tweetable but it's really clumsy.
  2. 5 links isn't many when I could easily add two or three for a monster (over 2,000 word) post.
  3. At $5USD per month it's cheap but I expect higher quality if I'm paying for it.
  4. You can add a ClickToTweet Panel with a script if you don't use WordPress (can't see how you'd add an image if you work this way).
  5. Poorly designed user interface and really unintuitive.
  6. Badly written CSS rules that clash with WordPress CSS Rules.
  7. Doesn't use SSL for links (minor point)


I've installed it in WordPress, using the Trial Account (free for 5 links) but it's unlikely I will migrate it to my new site next month.

We have no affiliations with ClickToTweet.

We've written this (and how to use ClickToTweet) to help people like you get more traction in Social Media.

Yes, they have an affiliate scheme but I didn't sign up because there's too many annoying things about the system (as of August 2016).

Topics: Social Media, WordPress

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