Call To Action (CTA) changes your website into an asset

Posted by Mike Eastwood on 9 October 2016

Mike Eastwood

Back in the day websites were simply online brochures. A collection of features and benefits, some product photos, and an invitation to call a salesperson.
Things have changed.

Now there's no need to call a salesperson because all the answers, and more, are available online. The old days of the salesperson waiting for the phone to ring are over.

So, what does this mean for your website?

Your website's job is simple:

  • attract visitors
  • convert visitors into leads

How do we attract and convert?

The first step is to create high value content, optimised for Social Media, search engines and – most of all – your target market. Your content is what people are searching for online via Search Engines e.g Google; or even in Social Media e.g. YouTube. 

Now they're on your website your aim is to convert them into a lead by offering them a Lead Magnet. A Lead Magnet is another piece of high quality content the you exchange for the visitor's email address.

This exchange is done via a Call To Action (CTA). A CTA is an offer that's attractive enough for the visitor to fill in a form to give you some of their information. The more attractive the offer the more information you can ask for.

Once the visitor has filled in the form they are rewarded with the Lead Magnet - which should also include another Call To Action - and so the Buyers Journey begins. You then have the opportunity to follow up with email marketing - known as Lead Nurturing - where you send them high quality relevant content that's tailored for their needs. 

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