How to add a Wordpress Page

Posted by Mike Eastwood on 18 May 2016

Mike Eastwood

So, you've decided to add a Page to your website because you have some static content that won't change very often, for example a Contact us Page, or Terms and Conditions. If you've got more topical content the you'll want to create a Post instead.

Adding a WordPress Page is easy once you follow these steps...

  1. Log in to WordPress
    If you're not sure how to log in the visit the page on how to log into WordPress.
  2. Add a Page
    On the left menu you can see Pages there are two options:
    If you mouse over the menu item you will see two choices All Pages and Add New.
    Alternately if you click on Pages the you will be taken to the All Pages screen with - not surprisingly - a list of all the pages. From there you can click the Add Page menu item, or the Add Page Button at the top of the screen.
  3. Add your Title
    Choose a title that will capture peoples attention. Think if you were searching for this information in Google how would you search? What title would catch your attention if you had made that search.
  4. Add your content
    This is where you deliver what people are looking for - whether you attracted them from a Search Engine, emailed them a link or shared the page on Social media - you need to give them great content. The internet is too crowded for mediocrity to stand out.
  5. Save your Page as you go
    You can save your work as you go by clicking the Save Draft button in the top right panel of the New Page screen.
  6. Add an image
    Images will help improve your visitors experience. There are several steps to this so we've made a separate post on how to add an image to your WordPress Page.
  7. Optimise for SEO
    All our site include the Yoast SEO Plugin to help you optimise you page for search engines. Remember, your primary concern is making your Page great for the visitors  - not Search Engines - once we have a great page then you make the technical tweaks to improve the results for Search Engines.
    This is also a bit more complex so we've made another post on how to use Yoast SEO.
  8. Optimise for Social Media
    Social Media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc. is how lots of people discover new content (the search engines have lost their monopoly) so you need to optimise your WordPress Page for Social Media.
  9. Preview your Page
    Before you publish have a look at the page on your site. Simply click the Preview, you'll find the Preview button in the top right panel, where you found the Save Draft button.
  10. Final Edit
    You can edit and preview until you are happy. If you want to come back later - with fresh eyes - then you can Save Draft. You'll find your Draft Page in the list of Pages.
  11. Publish
    Ready to hit the button? Don't panic - it's not like the days of the printing press when you watched a thousand copies of a typo fly off the press. If you make a mistake then you can jump in and fix it, even if it's live.
  12. Proof
    Do you have someone you can get to proof your page? Email them a link to the Page so they can cast their eye over the Page. You can go back and edit if required.
  13. Share
    Who do you know that would like to read your Page? Share your work on Social Media, email or in conversation. It will take a while for Google to catch up with your new content - we've optimised your site so they will index the page at their convenience. Because pages are more static than Posts then it may take a little longer.

Next Steps

Great, you've got some content up.... now what? More please!

Research what your competitors are doing, can you create some content that's even better?

What's something topical you can write about in a new Post?

Keep an eye on your Google Analytics to see how engaged your audience is.

Remember, your website is never finished - there's always room for improvement.

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